Apparently Being a Sitcom Star Makes You Psychic!

She looks like my uncle’s gf, Denise.

I’ve always wished that I had psychic abilities and sometimes I’m convinced that I do. Deja vu has got to mean something when you’re having it all the time–right? Well, anyway, I think I’ve discovered how one actually achieves the gift of psychic ability; be a former 90’s sitcom star. At least, that’s what the cuckoo Brett Butler did.

The 53 year-old comedienne and actress quickly rose to fame in the 90’s with her hit family sitcom, Grace Under Fire. The actress fell off the map shortly after the sitcom ended and according to her interview with Entertainment Tonight, that’s when her psychic abilities came into full swing.

Butler has struggled with substance abuse in the past and she insists that she is clean now. In the interview she discussed how she has overcome a lot in the past few years and has developed a new outlook on life. The star explains that she is doing stand-up again and she has fully embraced her psychic ability.

Has Butler had these psychic abilities all her life, lying dormant until she finished her show? Or did she wake up one day with the ability to read people’s minds? She didn’t give too much detail during the interview but she did mention that she was currently working on a reality show based on her psychic gift. How incredibly convenient.

I can’t help but wonder if Butler is just messing with us and this is all just a ploy for her new show, which may or may not be about psychics. Either way, the bitch is crazy and you know what? I’m okay with that. I fully support and love her craziness. I can’t wait for her new show.


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