All I Want for Xmas is Adam Green&Joe Lynch

Director Adam Green has just given me one more reason to swoon over him. Not only is he easy on the eyes and an intelligent horror director, the 36 year-old is adding altruism to his resume with the charity, “A Very Green and Lynch Christmas.” The event will take place on Monday, November 28 at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz in Austin, Texas.

The charity, sponsored by Green’s production company, Ariescope, is determined to raise money to build an elevator for veterans at the Austin American Legion Hall. Oh, if only I lived in Austin!

Along with Green, the event also includes his best friend, director Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2). The duo will hold a silent auction, screen films, give away prizes, have stump trivia, and much more! The night’s prizes will include: An autographed Hatchet screenplay; A plaque of Victor Crowley’s Hatchet overalls, signed by Kane Hodder; a date with editor Scott Weinberg, and plenty more!

The evening also encourages attendees to challenge Green and Lynch with their best horror trivia in a game of, “Stump Adam Green and Joe Lynch.” If audience members succeed in stumping the horror twosome, they can choose from several awesome prizes.

Longtime pals, Joe Lynch and Adam Green

Both Green and Lynch continue to show their appreciation to the fans who made them successful by making an effort to reach out to them, and by giving back with free movie screenings. Next up, the gruesome twosome can be seen in their collaborations, Chillerama, a horror anthology homage to B-movies, and Holliston, the FearNet series based on their lives.

So, if you happen to be in the Austin area this coming Monday at 7 pm, why not enjoy yourself at a horror extravaganza while simultaneously doing a charitable deed? The night is sure to be filled with fun for everyone and it definitely won’t disappoint.


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